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  • Forex Currency Pairs: Major, Minor, and Exotics Explained
    The forex market for major currencies — such as the EUR, GBP, CHF, JPY, AUD, CAD and NZD — quoted against the USD tends to be very liquid, so the EUR USD, GBP USD, USD CHF, USD JPY, AUD USD, USD CAD and USD JPY currency pairs are considered by most forex traders to be major currency pairs
  • Forex: Major Pairs, Minor Pairs, and Exotic Currency Pairs
    Exotic currency pairs or Forex Exotic Pairs are comprised of one major currency coupled with the currency of an emerging economic nation, such as Brazil, Mexico, Denmark etc (For India only especially those INR Pairs)
  • Majors, Minors Exotic Currency Pairs | Sharp Trader
    Exotic currency pairs are made up of a major currency paired with the currency of an emerging or a strong but smaller economy from a global perspective such as Hong Kong or Singapore and European countries outside of the Euro Zone
  • What are major, minor and exotic currency pairs? | finder. com
    An exotic currency pair includes a major currency and the currency of a developing economy (such as Brazil or South Africa) You won’t find exotic pairs as often as you’ll find major or minor pairs, which means the spreads can be higher when trading them
  • Currency Groups - Major, minor and exotic currencies
    In basic forex nomenclature, the different currency pairs of the world are divided into groups by the amount of daily trading activity and liquidity in each of them The market refers to these groups specifically as the major, minor and exotic currencies
  • Fx Currency Pairs - Major, Minor, Crosses, Exotic
    Minor Currency Pairs or Major Crosses are pairs that do not involve the US Dollar such as GBP JPY Pairs that involve the Euro are often called Euro crosses, such as EUR GBP Pairs that involve the Euro are often called Euro crosses, such as EUR GBP
  • Currency Pair - Investopedia
    What is a 'Currency Pair' A currency pair is the quotation of two different currencies, with the value of one currency being quoted against the other The first listed currency of a currency pair
  • What are Majors, Minors and Exotic Currency Pairs?
    EUR TRY would be an exotic pair - you are pairing off a major economy against an 'exotic' If you're trading exotics you probably want to pair them against one of the majors Pairing exotics with each other will mean less liquidity and wider spreads

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